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The Huscroft family that settled in Huscroft, British Columbia, Canada are the descendents of William Rodger Huscroft.


William Rodger Huscroft was born 8 SEP 1830 in Kirk Smeaton, Yorkshire, England. He died 17 DEC 1922 in Lister, British Columbia, Canada. He was the son of William Huscroft (1787-?) and Ann Thompson (1791-1833). His sibling was Ann Huscroft (?-1833).


William Rodger Huscroft's wife was Jane Fisher (1841-1918). They were married 23 JUL 1857 in Provo, Utah, U.S.A. They had 11 known children named Emma Jane Huscroft (1860-1945), William Rodger Huscroft Jr. (1862-1873), Mary Elizabeth Huscroft (1864-1896), George Joseph Huscroft (1867-1930), James Frederick Huscroft (1869-1944), Anne Effie Huscroft (1872-1931), Sophy Melissa Huscroft (1874-1949), John Henry Huscroft (1878-1963), Sarah Etta Huscroft (1880-1904), Charles Leroy Huscroft (1882-1968), and Maud Isabella Huscroft (1886-1981).


William Rodger Huscroft immigrated to the U.S.A. in 1851, living first in Utah, later Missouri, and then Utah once again.  In 1891 he moved most of his family to the Creston Valley in southeastern British Columbia, Canada.  They homesteaded just north of the border with Idaho, U.S.A., in an area later named Huscroft.  They were among the first European settlers in the Creston Valley.